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High-end luxury medieval saddle style, strong dermatoglyph reveals the wild domineering, uninhibited style, let the whole space move up.
  1. Imported Argentine pine wood frame, dry humidity is not easy to mold.
  2. High resilience all sponge is comfortable and durable.
  3. The use of well-known brand American A&E car line is durable.
  4. Medieval style sofas are expensive and stylish.


  • Seat: Combing belt
  • Backrest: S-shaped spring
  • Feet: metal feet / 5 CM
  • Seat cushion: high density sponge
  • Density: 24KG/M3 34KG/M3
  • Cushion: high density sponge and duck down
  • Density: 22KG/M3