Mattress Size
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Whirlpool Dance
Whirlpool Dance
Feature of product
  • 3-line latex honeycomb independent tube bed
  • Foggy gold jacquard fabric, with soft curves, showing noble and elegant style
  • Natural latex has comfortable and natural mild characteristics, and the oak protein in the latex has antibacterial and anti-mite effects
  • Selected breathable silk cotton, fluffy, constant temperature, breathable
  • Class A soft cotton, high density, good resilience, durable pressure resistance
  • 4 points soft shock absorbing cotton, shock absorbing and releasing pressure, soft and comfortable
  • Highly breathable mercerized cotton, fluffy and comfortable
  • 5 feet 743 honeycomb independent cylinder springs with excellent elasticity
  • With 10 auxiliary springs to strengthen the support, high stability
Hardness degree

Whirlpool Dance

Mattress height
  • About 28 cm