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Drunk in Love with Bordeaux ARGO

Drunk in Love with Bordeaux ARGO

Cover Fabric 1st Layer Belgium Adaptive® Dynamic Performance Fabric 
Upholstery Layer 2nd Layer Natural Silk 200g
3rd Layer Cool Memory Foam 15mm
4th Layer Air Flow Foam 25mm
5th Layer Non-Woven Fabric
Comfort Layer 6th Layer Belgium Artilatex Natural Latex 2cm
7th Layer UK Import Air Coil Microcoils 2.7cm
8th Layer Breathable Non-Woven Fabric Barrier
9th Layer HRB High Resilience Type B Foam 25mm
Core Layer 10th Layer German AGRO Titanium Copper Alloy Independent Pocket Springs
11th Layer PU Support & Protect System 
12th Layer HDE High Density Elasticity Foam
13th Layer Non-Woven Fabric
14th Layer Elasticity Foam
15th Layer Patented Wear Resistant and Slip Resistant Fabric
German AGRO Independent Pocket Springs, the Ultimate Support

We adopted ARGO high carbon-manganese steel independent pocket springs made by the state-of-the-art manufacturer AGRO in Germany. It is the spring system of choice for premium mattress manufacturers. Independent pocket springs provide a high level of ergonomic adaptability and excellent body support.

Belgium Natural Latex, Healthful and Responsive

The natural latex we imported from Belgium is all-natural, toxic-free, highly breathable, and complies with international environmental standards. It provides the right balance of responsiveness and supportiveness to evenly distribute the pressure to the whole surface. It is dust mite-proof, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

Reinforced Support Design, Providing a More Profound Restful Experience

Our comfort layer is composed of HRA high resilient type A air cushion foam, latex and high density foam. Sleeping on one of our mattresses is like sleeping in the clouds.

Belgium Intense Performance Fabric Helps You Fall Asleep Deeper and Faster

Intense performance fabric is the latest innovative product of Belgium’s world-leading fabric exporter, Bekaert Deslee. It captures the electrons and releases them into the air. By doing so, Intense mattress fabric is dustproof and lowers the body voltage which results in a lower cortisol level and a deeper and more relaxing sleep. You will fall asleep 4.3% faster and stay in deep sleep for 20 minutes longer, feeling restful and energetic the next day, everyday.

Pyramid Golden Ratio Triangle Design for Impact Absorption and Comfort

We applied the scientific golden ratio proportions to our mattress design so we mattresses can effectively absorb impact and release the body pressure layer by layer, creating a stress-free sleep.

Classic Leather Pull Handle Design for Easy Storage and Transport

Craftsmanship is all in the details.  Our mattresses come with European designer style leather pull handles that make mattress storage, transport, and cleaning a breeze.

Patented Slip-Resistant PU Padded Edge  Design to Keep the Mattress in Place

Our patented slip-resistant PU padded edge design strengthens the mattress support and stabilize the mattress.  You can change your sleep positions freely without worrying about the mattress moving.


Drunk in Love with Bordeaux ARGO


Drunk in Love with Bordeaux ARGO


Drunk in Love with Bordeaux ARGO