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The combination of wildness and rationality makes a perfect combination of domineering and nobleness that can't be ignored, giving the home a distinct personal charm.
  1. Argentine pine wood frame, stable dry humidity is not easy to mold.
  2. The high resilience all-sponge cushion seat is comfortable and durable.
  3. Use well-known brand American A&E car line.
  4. Fireproof cloth and leather combined with movable cushion, back cushion and hand cushion are convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Color: Iron Gray/Warm Gray
  • Seat: Combing belt
  • Backrest: combing belt
  • Foot base: solid wood feet
  • Seat cushion: high density sponge
  • Density: 344KG/M3 24KG/M3
  • Cushion: doll cotton