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The concave curve shape, beautiful apple green and playful fashion sense, a touch of bright spot in the home, show the personality of the owner's wave.
  1. Imported Argentine pine wood frame, stable dry humidity is not easy to mold.
  2. High resilience all sponge is comfortable and durable.
  3. The special line in front of the armrest uses the well-known brand American A&E line, which is durable.
  4. 360 degree swivel tripod The modern style single chair is easy to match with other furniture.


  • Color: Green Apple Green
  • Seat: Combing belt
  • Backrest: combing belt
  • Feet: metal feet / 19 CM
  • Seat cushion: high density sponge
  • Density: 34KG/M3 + 30KG/M3
  • Cushion: high density sponge
  • Density: 34KG/M3 + 3KG/M3