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Extremely classical beauty, silky touch, warm and cool color, pleasing to the eye, flexible seat adjustment, relax and enjoy life.
  1. The Lienpai iron frame imported from the United States is matched with the German LIMOSS motor.
  2. Imported Argentine pine frame, using professional constant temperature drying technology, not easy to mold.
  3. Double independent motor function sofa, one group controls the foot pedal, the other group controls the backrest.
  4. Charging time is 6-8 hours, after charging it can be adjusted 100-150 times (open and close counted once).
  5. The headrest can be adjusted manually.


  • Color: Charm Night Grey, Calendula, Baby Blue
  • Power supply: dual motor function, with a battery
  • Material: full head layer leather
  • Thickness: 1.1-1.3mm
  • Seat: S-shaped spring
  • Function: electric spring pin function and rotating edge
  • Backrest: combing belt
  • Foot: metal turntable
  • Backrest filler: 30KG/M3 high resilience sponge
  • Seat filler: 34KG/M3 high resilience sponge