Sofa Size
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The simple and elegant style is matched with Morandi beige, with a low-key luxury and elegant charm.
  1. JACKWELL iron frame, KAIDI motor, Japanese brand KOYO pillow iron frame.
  2. Electric function sofa (single motor), 5 sets of independently adjustable pillows.
  3. Imported Argentine pine frame, using professional constant temperature drying technology, not easy to mold.
  4. High-resilient full-foam cushion for more comfortable sitting.
  5. Imported first-level yellow cowhide leather and semi-green leather from Italy add high texture.


  • Color: Morandi
  • Material: Five-piece leather sofa set full head layer leather yellow leather
  • Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm
  • Seat: S-shaped spring
  • Function: electric spring function and manually adjustable headrest
  • Backrest: combing belt
  • Feet: metal feet / height 13.5CM
  • Backrest padding: doll cotton
  • Seat filler: 34+26KG/M3 high resilience sponge