Sofa Size
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Low-key, restrained, exudes elegant charm of line shape, let you feel the real high comfort.
  1. JACKWELL tripod, KAIDI motor, with Japanese brand headrest iron frame.
  2. Electric function sofa, electric adjustable headrest function.
  3. Imported Argentine pine frame, using professional constant temperature drying technology, not easy to mold.
  4. High-resilient full-foam cushion for more comfortable sitting.
  5. The genuine leather is modified grain yellow cowhide with a thickness of 1.1-1.3MM. The embossing is lighter and more elegant.


  • Color: Morandi blue
  • Material: Semi-cement leather yellow leather
  • Thickness: 1.1-1.3mm
  • Seat: S-shaped spring
  • Function: electric spring function and manually adjustable headrest
  • Backrest: combing belt
  • Feet: metal feet / height 13.5CM
  • Backrest padding: doll cotton
  • Seat filler: 34+26KG/M3 high resilience sponge