Mattress Size
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Song of Spring
Song of Spring
Feature of product
  • Specially selected Modal table cloth, 100% natural beech fiber, soft and delicate like silk, bring consumers the enjoyment of pure natural nobility.
  • High water absorption-Modal defines the standard of wet modulus through the European Textile Labeling Law, and the temperature is adjusted well.
  • High Tension-Modal defines the strength standard through the European Textile Labeling Act, and strong fibers are not easily broken.
  • Exclusive TQL latex car flower patented technology, exquisite car flowers are as pleasing as enjoying beautiful flowers.
  • It adopts the latest research and development of independent cylinder spring with high support and back protection, solid and stable support, so that people with heavy body can also feel the support.
  • The sidebands imported from the United States are designed with a stylish, elegant atmosphere and quality assurance of durability.
Hardness degree

Song of Spring

Mattress height
  • About 26 cm

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