Mattress Size
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Aegean Sea
Aegean Sea
Feature of product
  • Carefully selected top-grade Cashmere wool fabric with a fine texture and softness to provide the best comfort.
  • The exclusive patent "TQL table cloth latex car flower technology" allows the skin to experience intimate natural latex elasticity, constant temperature, antibacterial and other excellent characteristics.
  • Add 5 cm of natural latex imported from Belgium, thick and super elastic, high stability and no deformation.
  • The inner material uses HR super soft foam, which is breathable and comfortable, and effectively improves the fit of the clothing.
  • Non-Flip design is easy to turn over, which simplifies mattress maintenance procedures and makes home life more comfortable.
  • Special custom-made 2028 independent cylinder springs are selected, and the three-stage arrangement is adopted to ensure stable service.
  • The 4 cm thick PU anti-drop foam frame is used on all sides to enhance the bed's toughness and durability.
Hardness degree

Aegean Sea

Mattress height
  • About 36 cm